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Meet Our Paster

Pastor Wesley Hunt
Pastor Wesley Hunt

Thank you for your interest in Bethesda Baptist Church.

My name is Wesley Hunt. It has been my God given privilege to serve as Pastor since October of 1994. My family and I consider our ministry at Bethesda Baptist Church as essential to fulfilling God’s will for our life.

I believe that God has a will for your life as well, his desire to have a personal relationship with you as your Savior and as Lord. He wants your relationship with Him to grow and mature. He wants you to be equipped and involved in sharing His love with others.

In order to find Gods’ will for your life you should be an active member of a New Testament Church. We strive to be the kind of church that will please God, and in so doing, help you please Him as well. I encourage you to visit our worship services where we celebrate the Person of Jesus each week. I also believe that being in our Sunday School time will be beneficial in your growing more like Christ and cooperating with other believers.

You are always welcome at Bethesda Baptist Church. I look forward to meeting you and your family. May God Bless You.

Wesley J. Hunt

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